I developed my interest in photography while in grade school. My father bought a beautiful 35mm camera for me and I assembled a darkroom in the basement of our home where I spent countless hours. I still have that same passion for photography. My mother was an artist and watching her paint was my introduction into the use of light. I made the connection between the use of light in painting and photography. In painting, artists create light. In photography, artists work with existing light. Knowing about each makes me a better photographer.

In my junior year of high school I got my first horse, a retired Thoroughbred mare. As a result, my love for photography merged with my love for horses. I quickly found out that photographing horses requires a special expertise and equipment in order to keep the horse’s frame in proportion. Maybe you noticed when taking pictures of your horse that aspects were out of proportion or just didn’t look right. A skilled horse photographer is also able to hide the defects in the conformation of a horse while accentuating the good aspects.

If you hire me to take conformation images of your horse, I will make sure that I provide to you an accurate representation of the beauty of your horse. If you want personal images of you with your horse, I will try to capture the affection and love that you share with your horse.

I have invested in some of the best cameras, lenses, lighting and photographic accessories available today. Combining those with my skill and experience, I think that you will be pleased with the images that I create for you.

I earned degrees from Kendall College and North Dakota State University after which I did post graduate work at Arizona State University.